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          hospitals in Yunnan Province
            Chinese medicine hospitals in Yunnan Province and Yunnan Colleg of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the First Affiliated Ho-spital, found-ed in 1947, has grown into a Chinese medicine has a profound cultural, and lay a solid foundation for technical personnel,advanced medical equipment, medical collection, education, research and Prevention and health care as one of the threelevel modern medicine hospitals.
             500 hospital beds available, 29 clinic-al, medical technology departments, 12 clinical teaching and research section and an area of 4,000 square, is capable of producing more than 20 kinds of formulat-ions in more than 80 species of modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Center; the existing provincial hospital Key discipline-s ,research centers and key focus of the Research 2, the National Association for specialist focus on building 5, the state key construction professionals a disease; spe-cialist focus on 9 provinciallevel, provincial level special focus on 13 patients and 8 points postgraduate master's degree ......
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